Bliss Topup Registration Form
1. All legal owners are required to provide valid id, recent business and residential address proofs. Business and residential address proofs should not be older than 3 months. If available, company registration or VAT certificate to be provided by the Agent.

2.The Agent agrees to pay a non refundable registration fee of £70

3.A minimum top-up of £30 has to be paid at the time of registration. All future top-ups should be a minimum of £30.

4.Any equipment provided to the Agent shall remain the property of Blissservices. The Agent will need to return the equipment if this agreement is terminated by either party. The Agent will take reasonable care of the equipment and should inform Blissservices if the equipment stops working. The Agent will incur a charge of £50 if the equipment needs to be replaced due to any physical damage.

5. If the Agent does not top up their account for three consecutive months, this agreement will be terminated. The Agent must return any equipment provided by Blissservices at their own expense. If the equipment is not returned, there will be a charge of £50.

6.If the Agent wishes to stop working with Blissservices, they should stop crediting their account and return any equipment provided by Blissservices. The account balance is non refundable, the Agent must use up any remaining account balance.

7.For account credit, the Agent agrees to make a payment in advance in the form of bank transfer to the Blissservices designated bank account. The Agents' account will only be credited after Blissservices has verified receipt of the deposited funds. Credits can only be verified between working hours i.e. Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 6.00pm. If the Agent makes a cash deposit to Blissservices's designated account or pays by using phone payment service, they agree to pay the transaction fee by confirming it in advance. It is the Agents' responsibility to ask for these fees. Online transfers do not incur any transaction fee.

8.Voucher prices are subject to change dependent on market conditions and supplier prices.

9.For any deposits of money, the Agent is required to put their registered user name provided by Blissservices on paying in slips or in the space provided by their bank if transferring money online so that their account can be credited correctly. 10.There are no refunds for any transactions made by Agents once the pin receipt is confirmed. A refund or cancellation of a transaction may be requested by the Agent if there is a problem with usage of the pin. This refund or cancellation would only be processed once Blissservices verifies and confirms the problematic transaction with pin providers. This process can take a minimum of 3-5 working days and is dependent on time taken by providers to verify pins.

11.It is the Agent's responsibility to keep a record of daily transactions.

12.It is the Agent's responsibility to follow the guidelines and requirements of courier service providers.

13.The Agent is responsible for training their staff and keeping them informed about Bliss Top-up services.

14.Blissservices will not be responsible for any theft, robbery or any kind of loss of money which occurs on the Agent's premises.

15.The user id and password provided to the Agent by Blissservices at the time of registration to use the services, has to be kept safe and secure at all times. The Agent is solely responsible for any losses incurred if the user id and/or password are compromised.

16.The Agent shall indemnify and hold Blissservices harmless against any cost, liability, damage, judgement, penalty or fine, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees sustained or paid by Blissservices by way of suit, claim, settlement or otherwise, as a result of or connected with any act or omission of the Agent or its employees or agent in connection with this agreement.

17.Blissservices reserves the right to cancel this agreement or to make any changes to terms and conditions to comply with the UK laws and regulations, and the terms and conditions of service providers at anytime.

18.Blissservices is not responsible for any losses to the customer or Agent for any issues with the service of top-up pins (e.g. Lebara, Lyca etc.), courier or any other services on the system.

19.The Agent shall develop and promote Bliss services and enhance the goodwill associated therewith and with the trade names, trademarks and service marks of Blissservices. Blissservices ltd or its partner companies will also send promotional and advertising material from time to time to improve the services.

I Accept Term & Condition.